Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wordcamp 2009...the backend

So I'm sitting in the Mission Bay Convention Center right now, listening to Matt Mullenburg, leader of Wordpress in his Q&A session at the massively-attended WordCamp in San Francisco. And there are whole lot of bloggers here, doing their blogging thing, and more knowledgeable about all things blogry that I'll have little hope of ever comprehending. So instead of trying to address the 'technical' side of the conference, here are some of the lighter highlights from the 'backend' (backside):
  • Hey, I finally learned how to pronounced "Akismet"!! (a-KIZ-met, the anti-spam plugin that's standard on Wordpress blogs)
  • There was this cool moment when everyone squeaked their chairs at once. Even the people checking their email and updating their twitter and not really listening to Matt.
And some key quotes of the day:
  • "Passion beats polling and focus groups"
  • "Every single byte counts"