Friday, September 08, 2006

Interested in more books, articles, events on language?

Eastern Michigan University has a website and listserv that goes out to a lot of people in the academic community interested in linguistics and related fields. I added their link to the list at right. Here's a listing from yesterday that caught my eye, related to what we've been talking about in class recently (and yesterday's video)

Title: The Spiral of 'Anti-Other Rhetoric'
Subtitle: Discourses of identity and the international media echo
Series Title: Discourse Approaches to Politics, Society and Culture 22

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Author: Elisabeth Le, University of Alberta
Hardback: ISBN: 9027227128 Pages: 280 Price: U.S. $ 138.00
Hardback: ISBN: 9027227128 Pages: 280 Price: U.S. $ 115.00

How do media inform our representations of the Other and how does this influence intercultural / international relations? While officially dialogues between different national societies are conducted by diplomats in bilateral and multilateral settings, in practice journalists also participate every day in such dialogues through the phenomenon of the "international media echo" in which they report on each others' societies. Until now, media have only been investigated for their potential role in the foreign policy of specific states. In a case study involving media in three national cultures and languages (French, American and Russian), this book presents an interdisciplinary framework that combines quantitative and qualitative analyses for the study of the international media echo in an intercultural / international relations perspective. In particular, the fundamental functioning of "spirals of anti-Other rhetoric", i.e. media wars, is examined in a Critical Discourse Analysis approach completed with Social Identity Theory and International Relations theories.

Table of contents

Foreword xi-xii
Chapter 1. Media, international relations, collective memories, and critical
discourse analysis 1-16
Chapter 2. National and international contexts for the international media
echo 17-52
Chapter 3. Russia in Le Monde and The New York Times 53-105
Chapter 4. Le Monde's and The New York Times' editorials in their national
societies 107-128
Chapter 5. Russian reactions to the West 129-160
Chapter 6. Crossing cultural and disciplinary boundaries 161-181
Appendices 183-243
Notes 245-267
References 269-277
Index 279-280

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