Tuesday, June 24, 2008

une petite liste

Bonjour tous!

OK, let's be honest. Hi, me! What can you expect after being absent from your own blog for something like 6 weeks. Life has intervened. I'll try to chronicle a little better what's going on now that I'm back in Lyon for another 3 weeks, almost a month total, trying to get the rest of the data I'll need for this blasted dissertation. Will be uploading some photos soon and hope to do this every day but I'll start with a pretty low-stress style of blogging, probably more for me than anything but if you happen to be reading this and happen to be able to give me some feedback about the questions that pop up, I'd much appreciate hearing from you.

Yes, you.

OK, and you too.

Questions of the day:
  • “on se voit demain” – we’ll see each other tomorrow, let’s see each other tomorrow....?
  • “Bon courage” as a way of signing off in emails and letters = “good luck”?
  • When the heck do you use capital letters? When V wrote a street name that started with “rue” the “r” was lower-case but the first letter of the actual street name was capitalized. People often write their last names all in capitals, so I’d write my name “David MALINOWSKI” I suppose. And then there are all kinds of plays with letters, like I remember the tutors writing their names with caps in the middle of the word, like “mariOn”
  • I heard N say something about nodding one’s head: “auche la tête”? Why are the vowel sounds so hard to get a handle on? --> just looked it up. "hocher".

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