Friday, February 01, 2008

Ma famille

This has been my first week of's great to be hearing the language, to have a community of people to study with, and yet it does feel very much like its own space. The person of the teacher, le professeur, is so important in the language classroom, and it was a bit of a shock today to go to Le Monde and a few French TV websites and realize viscerally that...yes, there is a world out there.

The first topic in our class, from Chapitre 1, is "Voici ma famille". Here's my first homework assignment, complete with mistakes.

Is it right to ask: "Qui il y a à votre famille?"

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Anonymous said...

No. Say : "Quels sont les membres de votre famille ?" or simply "avez vous des frères et soeurs ?" being understood that everybody has a father and a mother.